Although I started relatively late to play music (my first contact with the drums was at the age of sixteen), I fell in love with it immediately. Since the first moment I began playing in different bands, getting experience in different styles such as pop, rock, soul, jazz or folk music.

I studied privately with great educators in Spain such as Carlos Carli, Guillermo McGill, or Yayo Morales. I played with small bands, and also with some artists such as singers Lorca (Spain) or Seydina Ndiaye (Senegal). From there I made my living touring with bands in Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Granada) and Italy (Milan, Lecce).

I graduated in jazz music by the Superior Conservatory of Navarra in Spain, acquiring experience in performing and also in educating. I also studied a Master in Musical Development in the University of Navarra.

My love for creating, understanding, and teaching music, has led me to the Netherlands where I currently live. Here I am studying a Master Degree in Prins Claus Conservatoire, focusing my interest in development of our learning capacities, while I start my own musical project.